i am excruciatingly dull.
2006-01-08 - 10:30 p.m.

hallo everyone, i hope the day is going splendidly for you. mine is, particularly because it's almost over.
this weekend has passed without much sleep and every waking moment has been spent either at celeste's house chasing her kids around, or binge eating at a level i did not think possible. i discovered no one in my house eats tacos, after i for whatever reason ordered a number 7 (my one and only) from taco bell, ignored the soda, and after eating the chicken quesadilla realised i was stuffed to the gills (as i had just consumed a meal beforehand.) i pondered this very extensively and came to the conclusion that i've no brains whatsoever. further events thus far have served to confirm this.

i'm moving this week and weekend to my new place in downtown phoenix with my boyfriend of five months. in some honesty, i'm rather afraid. not that things between he and i won't work out, because we get along together smashingly, moreso of late since i feel as though i'm making an effort. however, the last time i tried to shack up with someone independent of the parental teat it was a hideous situation. the constant worrying, about money, usage of electricity, and having to pressure the other person into cleaning the toilet and washing their dishes, served to irritate me to no end.

on the other hand, i'm excited because it will give me an excuse to go to the thrift store. i need a teapot, i've decided.

with that said, i will go. reading this over i have realised i am excruciatingly dull. my apologies.

the coolest song in the world right now is:something classical.
if i were an emoticon i'd be:content

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