my breasts.
2005-11-18 - 10:59 a.m.

when one is a woman who spends as much time dwelling over her body as i do, there are things that one instinctively knows.

my breasts are larger.
not a lot, mind you.
but enough to get me to notice.
they're hurting too.

(i didn't used to pay this much attention. then i went back to venezuela after having taken birth control pills for a year and everyone, from my boyfriend to his aunt, who had known me before, commented on how my breasts were bigger. it was news to me!)

i'm on the Pill again, which i hear can cause this to happen.

however i suppose, like with everything, there is the weensiest chance i could be pregnant.

ordinarily this would not bother me, and any person who has known me for longer than twenty minutes knows that i think i'm pregnant every freaking month because i have a bad memory and can't ever remember when i got my period last. (which is partly why i got on the pill, because for whatever reason, remembering to take pills every day is easier than remembering to mark my calendar once a month when i start to bleed all over the place.)

however, due to my irregular eating habits and the K i ingested the other day, i have the urge to go get a test and take it a.s.a.p.

not to mention the fact that if you ARE pregnant, and you continue taking the pill, it fucks up the foetus.

enough of that bull shit.
in other news, i get paid today, thank christ. i will finally have a bank balance larger than $8.20. all is well, all is bright. tra-la.

this is pointless. i suppose i just wanted to discuss my breasts, which is reason enough for any entry, really. in any case, i am taking advantage of it and wearing a low-cut top.
most sincerely yours...

the coolest song in the world right now is:open fire
if i were an emoticon i'd be:large-breasted. not significantly, mind.

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