diet, bitch.
2005-12-22 - 5:03 p.m.

i'm going on a diet. honest to god.
fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains, not a drop of everything else.
water and tea to drink. c'est tout!

i'm excited. this is legitimate, people.

in other news, my car passed emissions. hurrah. now i can quit driving with expired plates and checking my mirrors every 5 seconds to see if a cop is behind me. (my car is not the type that can haul ass when i see a cop. actually, my car couldn't haul ass at all. it could haul, maybe, a big toe or something.)

matt and i made sugar cookies last night. a last hurrah, i guess. matt made a hitler cookie, two gay lovers cookies, and a convict complete with orange jumpsuit cookie, among the usual bells, trees and snowmen. i think by that time he was very bored. i'll post photos soon.

i brought some legitimately decorated ones to my employers today. after the kids each had one they proceeded to be hyper for an entire hour, after which the sugar high peaked and crashed and they both conked out. joy.

is it just me, or is nicole richie really ugly in the face?

the coolest song in the world right now is:come on shake your body baby do the conga.
if i were an emoticon i'd be:fat

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