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2005-11-01 - 5:38 p.m.

november 1. a new month. new beginnings. i changed my bellybutton ring to celebrate. matt and i had a quickie after lunch and before his band practise. i get paid friday. i dreamed the other night that i dressed up as an egg for halloween.

i talked to rebecca, my manager at work, about shaving my head. i did it last year. and i dug it. after a while i started missing my hair again, so i decided to grow it out. and then this year, once it reached a length where i could start doing things with it again, it became an utter nuisance. i didn't know what to do with it. it was always in my face and got greasy too easily. since i am young and not too terrible-looking, i figure i can shave it for a while until i start getting ugly, and then i can let it grow. have long hair in my middle and old age. hurrah.

anyway. kevin, the biggest cheese at work, explicitly forbid me to shave my head after i asked him if it would get me fired. however, now that i'm working a position that requires a hat, i see no problem. solution: shave head, buy short wig, wear wig and hat to work.

i'm excited about it. and if i get fired, what the hell. quite frankly i wouldn't mind switching jobs.

i keep remembering the way i looked at 123 pounds and i'm missing it, god damn it.

rex has re-arrived, rather suddenly, into my life. he is a person i was beyond infatuated with earlier on this summer and after my visit to montana in july, he stopped talking to me for two months. and now he has reappeared. seems disappointed to find out i have a boyfriend, but what the fuck was i supposed to do? have it hermetically sealed?

all in all, no worries.
i strung some red beads on some dental floss to make a necklace today.

the coolest song in the world right now is:are you experienced - jimi hendrix
if i were an emoticon i'd be:too full

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