my festering love nest
2006-01-11 - 7:57 a.m.

i've a lot to learn about cooking.
i made a salmon dinner the other night, the first thing i've ever tried to cook mealwise other than meat loaf. it was a hit, and not all that difficult to make, although i discovered you really need a filet knife to cut fish and that's why it's called a filet knife. serrated steak knives just don't do the job.
i also made banana bread for dessert, which was delicious. currently, i am making muffins from a recipe i found in the january 1950 issue of ladies' home journal. i used butter instead of margarine (i am starting to become firmly against hydrogenated oils) and real blueberries. methinks they will be well-received, if anyone is nice enough to get up at this hour to eat them.
enough of my domesticity. tomorrow, i must go to our new 'apartment' (i suppose that's really what it is, but there are only three of them, so from this day on i will call it our festering love nest, festering because it is just oozing and popping with love and the occasional cockroach) and clean the grime off all of our appliances, which we got for free but which have been sitting outside for god only knows how long. that's the lovely part about arizona, you can leave a refrigerator out-of-doors for nine months and know it isn't going to get rained on. then, friday, i get to pack everything like the lazy bum i am and bless the goodwill with loads of my useless crap. saturday will be spent moving. i MUST let celeste know i can't work that day. and sunday will be the first night in our new place, monday matt's birthday, and tuesday i begin my scholastic conquest once more. rah, rah, siss boom bah.

ah, life. well, at least i'll be close to the library. i'm thinking of just moving there permanently, it would save me scores on gas.

the muffins are ready. i may just have to photograph them, they're *that* prizewinning.

the coolest song in the world right now is:wonderwall - oasis
if i were an emoticon i'd be:domestic.

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