2006-01-19 - 2:05 p.m.

the last few days, which i was hoping to term as an 'adventure', have been more like a pain in the ass. matt and i are now tentatively installed in our new home. thus far we have had to:
-fix the plumbing all over the house because the previous renters never did
-wash everything in cold water since there was no gas
-wear layers of clothing to bed at night to prevent from getting frostbite (although it's mighty difficult to believe, it's gotten below freezing here in phoenix at night, which, when you are living in a drafty house with absolutely no heating, is an issue)
-clean all of our appliances since their previous home was outside in the dirt
-dress in the dark so perverts won't see our flabby bodies
-eat things that don't need to be heated
and then, one day, our landlord (who is a darling person and a full-blown potsmoking hippie, which means she is chatty and forgetful as hell) lost the keys to the gate, so we were locked out, and entered through the neighbour's back yard. he then fell asleep and we were unable to rouse him to unlock his back gate again so i could go to work, which resulted in me removing my skirt, climbing a ladder, and vaulting over a barbed wire fence in my underpants. not a pretty sight, i tell you.

i was becoming severely discouraged, and we've both been grumpy. however, we now have a working sink, refrigerator, stove, toilet, shower, and as of today, gas for hot water and cooking (all things we didn't have when we moved in five days ago) so < a href="http://www.deviantart.com/view/21300265/">things are looking up a bit. (that link is a plug. click it.)

i am currently ill, though. i've had Froggy Voice and audible breathing, as well as plugged up nose, since we first slept here. this has costed me two days of work so far and things are not getting any better, even though matt is forcing vitamins down my throat and i'm eating like crazy (i've gained weight, saith the scale. i've no idea why. i hope it's due to being sick and being cold instead of other things that cause you to gain weight, like thyroid conditions.) damning it all, i rode my bike to the library today and am now here posting this blog so that all my worried internet friends can rest assured that i am alive. rah, right.

i've FA else to say. i haven't shaved my head since the last time. am contemplating growing it out again, despite the grease and the maintenance and the mussing by wind, because i look like a boy. not even my big, big titties serve to prove otherwise. oh well.

je m'en vais. the end.

the coolest song in the world right now is:
if i were an emoticon i'd be:your mom.

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