i'm a nerd.
2005-10-27 - 3:56 p.m.

i've decided that i'm the biggest nerd on the planet, merely because today, in biology class, after doing some very dull water testing, the teacher pulled out a microscope and i nearly wet myself with joy. i love microscopes. they're my favourite toys. i went to the pond to collect algae water and stayed a full half hour after i was supposed to leave, looking at single-celled organisms.

i saw a mosquito larvae, too.

oh, the joy of pond creatures.

in other news, i'm in love. i won't go on about it because i know how pukeworthy that is.

matt is all riled up about bird flu. apparently it's killed 50% of its victims thus far. i nearly squealed in enjoyment when i heard these statistics, because i have to admit, one of my dreams is the untimely demise of most of the world's population, leaving only the intelligent environmentalists to survive and reconstruct the planet.

i know in reality it wouldn't work that way, and that politicians and rich people would probably be the ones sticking around with a few scientists thrown in for solidarity, but hey, a girl can dream about armageddon if she wants.

i am not too worried. the nature of viruses (and indeed any organism) is to want to survive, so after killing some people the virus will get pissed off that it's not doing its job right and mutate into something that doesn't cause death anymore. because, i mean, if you kill your host, your place to live, how is that furthering your existence?

okay, okay. i know. nerd.

and hippie. don't forget hippie. even though i want half the world to die, it's nothing personal. i just happen to love mother earth more than some of my fellow comrades, is all.

i am currently eating bbq baked lays and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a combination which is really not that bad.

ciao, peace and love.

the coolest song in the world right now is:all you need is love - the beatles
if i were an emoticon i'd be:spastically happy

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