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2005-12-05 - 8:40 a.m.

busy, busy.
here are some of the recent events:
1.) matt and i have begun house-hunting, mildly. so far it is a fruitless search and serves to do nothing except make me feel poor. we're approaching the realisation that, although renting a house would be lovely, an apartment for the same size would be scads cheaper. the benefit? each of us gets to eat (ha) every month. the downside? we have to listen to our mexican neighbours getting drunk, having sex, or both.

i would characterise myself as severely racist, but i don't think you can be considered racist if every member you meet of the race you're stereotyping lives up so fully to each and every stereotypical characteristic you're slapping on them.

anyway, 2. i spent the night at rob's house friday, knowing fully well i had to work saturday at 8:30 a.m., and together we insufflated an entire vial of ketamine. it's the most i've ever done and was an outstanding experience. i realised why they call it a disassociative anaesthetic- i was having out of body experiences. not in the sense that i was 'floating above' my body, like so many people like to describe, but my mind was shut off from my body. i was still in it, but i was only mind. i would look at my hand and not make the connection that it was my hand. i did things i didn't remember doing. i remember asking rob once i started coming down,
"did you take my pants off?"
"no," he replied, "you did, about half an hour ago."
"yeah." rob is a gentleman and therefore would never take advantage of me, even if it were possible in such a drugged state. we tried to have sex once and it didn't work out, so for now we're just friends and sporadic drug partners.

memorable events from that night (and getting to them is quite a struggle, since i was OOBEing for most of the time) include:
-asking rob if my nipples were still there, since i couldn't feel them.
-talking in a thick english accent for most of the night (i've yet to determine whether or not it sounded good, rob supposedly recorded half of what we were babbling about.)
-listening to three pink floyd cds in a row.
-sleeping less than 3 hours the entire night, because rob was fucked up when he set the alarm and i wasn't sure if he had done it right and didn't want to wake up late.
-feeling nauseated when i got up to go to the bathroom (this frequently occurs with ketamine, it being an anaesthetic first and foremost) and admonishing my stomach, "you already absorbed the calories, there's no point in puking anything up now."

as you can probably guess, this information was not made public to matt. i think it had less to do with the fact that it was a guy and not a girl, than it had to do with the drug use. matt doesn't approve, like a good normal person shouldn't, but he doesn't try to stop me. all he says is that if it becomes a problem, he's taking off, which i can understand.

plus if i told him he'd think i banged rob or something, which as i already mentioned is not on my things to do list. been there, tried that, laughed my arse off.

there is no other new news, i don't think. except, i lost three pounds and it is showing a little in the stomach area. thank christ! i've been waiting for this for forever and now it's starting to happen again.

also, i shaved my head, and it looks hot. photos can be seen on my myspace. (yes, i have a myspace. but don't worry, there aren't any fucked up colours or stupid music videos that take forever to load on there.)

in the words of rex, "wonderbird."

the coolest song in the world right now is:so far away - staind
if i were an emoticon i'd be:mildly hungry, but content.

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