all the nudie pics are gone.
2005-12-14 - 7:30 p.m.

so our large PC took a shit, and i am sans ordinateur.
not truly. currently i am using my father's laptop, which runs twice as slow with half the power. i am perservering, however.
it is christmas all around. to celebrate i went to savers and switched tags on t-shirts to come up with huge deals.
i filled out an application at coach and willie's, a sports bar downtown, today. i wore a short skirt, stockings, and platform heels. as sexy as it sounds, it was actually extremely tame. abercrombie-and-fitch skirt + express shirt + six dollar shoes made in taiwan and bought at the Happy Shoes discount store in the mall. the manager seemed mildly interested and told me to call back friday before saying he had to leave for a meeting. however, as i had just witnessed him telling an employee to tell someone on the phone he was in a meeting, he could have just been trying to get rid of me.

christ. i'm so unhappy about the computer situation. i wish i could blame this on myself somehow, and then be able to quit bitching, but i'm not technically minded enough to choreograph the demise of our poor old PC. all my photos are gone, what little writing i had is gone, all my MP3s are gone (after i had just gone gung-ho downloading them illegally) and all the nudie pics are gone too. see, you all lose out as well.

oh well. i got a free soda tonight by stopping at red robin, so no worries.
today was my last day of school until january 18. hurrah!

anyway, that is all. go peace yourself.

the coolest song in the world right now is:god save the queen - sex pistols
if i were an emoticon i'd be:well, rather angry.

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