teh shizzle
2005-10-29 - 2:26 p.m.

now comrades be jolly
let laughter abound.
now comrades,
be jolly.
now comrades be jolly
let laughter abound.

that's an actual song. a boy i had a crush on in sophomore year sang it at the state competition.

i just realised how communist it sounds, although if it were actually communists it'd probably say something like, "now comrades be jolly, let support for the proletariat abound."

i am currently teh shizzle, and it is depressing me, because i'm the type of person that just does not let happy news be happy news.

i found out yesterday i got a 101% on my rock music and culture exam for chapters 5 and 6, and today i found out i got 100% on my math exam for chapter 4, the second 100% in a row.

i'm not bragging. i swear to christ. it's as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.

because i pay fuck all attention in either of these classes. and as much as i would like to believe that i am just insanely intelligent and absorb things just by breathing, i know for a fact that's not true. i'm a dumbass, let's face it. which only goes to show that the $990 i paid this semester for school was a fucking waste. why should i spend the cash if i don't even show up to half the classes and the ones i DO show up to, i do not pay attention? i have drawn more pictures and written more bullshit in school than i would like to think about. i read. i text message my boyfriend. i fuck off, really. and i still get 100% on my tests.

maybe it's just luck. christ. i have another test tuesday, we'll find out. but that last one, i got a 97% on, total.

*pauses to retch after contemplating education system, and then continues eating ice cream*

so i am teh shizzle, but not really. currently teh shizzle owes $35 in library fines, jesus christ. my car needs an oil change. i have $50 in my bank account. i do not get paid until friday.

i used to be a server, so i constantly had cash on hand. oh well. back to the old grind, i guess.

my boyfriend just said the word 'humping' in reference to our lovemaking, and i chastised him thoroughly for it. we don't really fuck, i guess, now that i think about it. we have sex and make love and all. but humping makes me think of canine rape.

enough of this. i'm going to go read the news.

the coolest song in the world right now is:now comrades, be jolly.
if i were an emoticon i'd be:teh shizzle... but teh POOR shizzle.

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