just chill out, i'm not going to fucking steal your man.
2005-11-22 - 8:47 a.m.

if you are a woman, this is a tried-and-true fact of life: the uglier you are, the nicer other women will be to you.

i think it's the insecurity and the competition factor, survival of the best thighs and all that. i don't think women are inherently catty, because lord knows we get along fine with men without bursting into flames (until those men start ogling other women, of course.) what is it that makes us so nasty to each other? yes, i realise that recent census results indicate that there are less men than women on this planet. but christ, look at the ones we're competing over. i'm glad i'm out of that rat race, quite frankly. every other day or so a thought flits through my mind somewhere along the lines of "i wonder what it would be like if i was dating someone else" and the answer is, i would just be livid. i do not have good luck with relationships, as most women can boast, i suppose, due to the method of trial and error. but in matt i think i've found a genuinely good person. although i can't share his love of juvenile things like skateboarding, where else are you going to find a man that calls you and says, "as soon as i get paid, we can go to frederick's of hollywood and i'll get you some new panties!" completely unselfishly?

(i realise his intentions are not entirely selfless, but if i had mentioned wanting to shop at bath and body works, he probably would have said the same thing.)

in other news, i was supposed to go to the MVD and transfer the title of my car today, something that i now realise is going to take absurd amounts of time. so i am fucking it off and instead driving to tempe to hang out with kate. we will spend the day shopping. i'm looking forward to it.

concerning the opening of this entry, i am wearing a very short and somewhat unreliable skirt right now (and it's pink, if you can freakin' believe it) along with heels that have straps that keep sliding off my calcaneous bone, causing me to walk like a chicken (toes first.) i'm fucking freezing, but damn i look good, which means i'm getting my share of dirty looks.

just chill out, i'm not going to fucking steal your man.

i have to pee really bad.

the coolest song in the world right now is:white rabbit
if i were an emoticon i'd be:crossing my legs, i imagine.

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