the fourth- or fifth-best version
2005-12-12 - 9:41 a.m.

ahh, the feeling of having homework done. even if it is three hours before it's due. what can i say? i'm a procrastinator.

yesterday was a FA (fuck-all) day, mainly because i did fuck-all. so much so that i didn't even get my homework done. matt and i travelled downtown and ate at the armadillo grill, which we spotted along the way. the meal with tip was $33, but the food was really, really great.

i had a quesadilla. there was much cheese in it. i will probably not poop for three days.

then we went to willow house for hot chocolate, and then journeyed back to his house, upon arriving at which i was overcome with fatigue. i haven't the faintest fucking idea whyfor but all i know was that it made having sex rather difficult.

well, not difficult. sex in itself is just put piece A in slot B, as i am sure you all know. however, when one has no energy... i rather starfished it but who cares? i did berate matt a little as he tried to pull me on top of him... "you CAN'T expect me to climb all the way up there. seriously. haven't you noticed i've been nearly falling asleep for the past two hours?"

yeah, i'm a cunt. i am one and have one and i guard it fiercely. grr.

currently matt is napping on my couch with my dog eddie, since i forced him to get up early for what i now realise was no reason.

[click for really freaking cute photo]

long live my flash, even if my camera is rather pathetic. i feel bad for all my appliances, just because, due to my abject poverty, i pick the fourth or fifth-best version of what i actually want. i settle for less. not in all areas, mind. but when it comes to expensive things i kind of have to.

i'm not exactly forced, but my impatience demands it. damn impatience.
oh well.

the coolest song in the world right now is:bitches - mindless self indulgence
if i were an emoticon i'd be:tired and too fat.

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